Confronting Ideologies: Decolonisation and the Future of Western Institutions – Book Launch Event with Prof. Doug Stokes

Join us for an enlightening evening with Prof. Doug Stokes as he unveils his thought-provoking new book, "Against Decolonisation: Campus Culture Wars and the Decline of the West". This book critically examines the rise of decolonisation ideology within universities and its broader impact on Western society. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of Western institutions. Through meticulous analysis, this event will delve into the book's compelling arguments against modern decolonisation theory. By attending, you will gain a deeper understanding of its effects on academic freedom, intellectual diversity, and the very foundations of the West. Lord Sumption argues that the arguments developed in the book “have rarely been made with such verve and force as they are in this succinct demolition of modern decolonisation theory.” Dr Munira Mirza, former head of the No. 10 Policy Unit and CEO of Civic Future, called the book a “highly insightful and persuasive contribution … going far beyond the walls of academia into wider institutions and the international world order.” Decolonisation was nominated for The Times Literary Supplement book of the year 2023. Professor Stokes has acted as Director of Exeter University’s Strategy and Security Institute, was a Senior Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) for over a decade and is also the Thomas Telford Fellow at the Council on Geostrategy. Professor Stokes regularly writes for major news outlets, including The Times, Telegraph, Spectator and the Daily Mail, and frequently appears on television news programs. He actively engages with civil society organisations, sitting on the advisory board of the UK’s Free Speech Union and the editorial committee of History Reclaimed. Professor Stokes also provides regular advice to ministerial teams on pressing issues. Most recently, he worked with a small team of concerned academics and civil society organisations to help deliver the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Act 2023, safeguarding free speech on British campuses. Moderator: Dr. Calum T.M. Nicholson, Director, Climate Policy Institute, Social Anthropologist; Lecturer, University of Cambridge