Dr. David Betz Lecture, “War and Stupid War”

In his November 2023 op-ed in the Hungarian Conservative magazine, Dr. David Betz expresses the “sceptics” viewpoint on the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia:

 “…the war in Ukraine has thrown a spotlight on scepticism towards the global order that has been growing for some years…Now, as epitomized by the February visit of China’s Xi Jinping to Moscow, there is very obviously common interest and increasing coherence among challengers and much sign of coordination amongst them to redress discontent with the current order.  It would not be unreasonable to describe this as an accomplished strategic catastrophe.”

Dr. Betz will examine the matter and import of ill-considered wars and strategy more generally, with Ukraine as a key example, and attempt to put the current conflict into a historical context. The program will feature Dr. Betz, with Anton Bendarzsevszkij, director at the Oeconomus Economic Research Foundation, foreign policy analyst and journalist.