Post-Election Analysis of the Israeli Election


Israeli voters returned to the ballot box on November first for the fifth time in four years.  The current government of the 24th Knesset marked an end to the 15-year reign of Benjamin Netanyahu, but the seven-party coalition, headed by Prime Minister Neftali Bennet never managed to consolidate power and was dissolved earlier this year. After that, Benjamin Netanyahu could return to power by winning the elections on 1 November! But what will a ‘new’ Netanyahu-era look like?  What policies will the previous coalition government pursue after it leaves power? Can weary Israeli voters hope for a more stable government? 

Danube Institute has gathered a unique blend of voices to examine the election results.

- Hananya Naftali, leading Israeli Jewish influencer and human rights activist in the fight against antisemitism and terrorism against Israel. 
- Dr. Ofir Haivry, Vice-President of the Herzl Institute of Jerusalem and a co-founder of the Edmund Burke foundation of Washington, DC.
- Dr. Balázs Gábor, Vice-rector, Jewish Theological Seminary - University of Jewish Studies
- István Kiss, Executive Director of the Danube Institute, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Hungarian Conservative