The Coming Eurozone Crisis


Panel discussion on the latest news regarding Eurozone economies, pressure on the Euro, and issues regarding inflation.

The sovereign debt of four countries - Germany, France, Italy, and Spain – equals 70% of all E.U. debts.
Due to years of bad monetary and fiscal policy, money is flowing out of the E.U. Traders are shorting E.U. Bonds. The costs of debt financing are increasing. Inflation is exacerbating due to the war in Ukraine.

What is the future of the Euro? The currency that has been on a downward trajectory for over a year and is now below the U.S. dollar.
How does this impact smaller countries like the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, and Poland, which are still using their own currency?


-Stephen Bartulica, MEP, associate professor of political philosophy at the Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb. Founder and president of the Center for Renewal of Culture, a Croatian NGO

-John Prout, American markets expert who spent 22 years as an investment banker in the City of London, Paris, and then 10 years in Monaco in asset management. He has held a number of board and committee positions in organizations such as the NY International Treasury Club, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the CBOE, and the Philadelphia Stock Exchanges.

-Dr. Neven Vidaković, CEO of Loti Trading and adjunct assistant professor of economics at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. Co-Author and author of numerous books on banking, exchange rate regimes, and monetary and credit analysis.

-Szabolcs Pásztor, associate professor at the University of Public Service (Budapest) and a senior researcher at the Oeconomus Economic Research Foundation.

-The event is moderated by John O’Sullivan, President of the Danube Institute