“U.S. Justice: the Strange Cases of President Donald Trump & Mark Steyn” & “Pierre Poilievre and the Renaissance of Conservative Politics in Canada” – Lecture by Professor James Allan

“Professor Allan’s talk will focus on North America. The first half will look at the United States and, in particular, aspects of the partisan “Lawfare” happening there at the moment. He will cover some of former President Trump’s legal travails as well as a couple of other examples of lawfare (using the law to attack your political enemies), including the Mark Steyn saga. Then he will head north to his native Canada and cover the renaissance in conservative politics there under ‘newish’ Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre. Allan will give a bit of background and context and then try to explain how Poilievre has managed to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, while actually seeming to push genuine conservative policies. All of this and with a North American accent thrown in for free.” Moderator: Rebecca Weisser, Editor of Quadrant Magazine, and columnist for The Australian, Australia, and Danube Institute Visiting Fellow