30 YEARS OF THE V4 - Conference and Book Launch - Panel 1

On 12 April 2022 Danube Institute in cooperation with the Batthyány Lajos Foundation hosted a book launch event on the occasion of the recently published volume entitled “30 years of the V4”. The idea of this book came from the fact, that the Visegrád Cooperation celebrated its 30th anniversary in February 2021, and that is when research fellows of the Danube Institute started brainstorming about this project. Taking advantage of the publication of the book, a conference was also organised, where distinguished experts from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia could discuss their views regarding the future of the Visegrád Cooperation, but they could also assess the past challenges and achievements of the coalition of Central European countries. Evaluating the past and projecting scenarios of the future are especially important at a time, when the V4 experiences one of the greatest trials of its existence as a result of its members very different national approaches to the war in Ukraine. Nevertheless, it appears obvious that standing a united front is essential in facing the difficulties of the future, be them economic risks, security problems or energy issues.
- István Kiss, Executive Director of Danube Institute, HU
- Anton Bendarzsevszkij, Director of research at Danube Institute, HU
- Tamás Orbán, Research Fellow at Danube Institute, HU
- Péter Szitás, Research Fellow at Danube Institute, HU