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V4 countries and the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic

This paper analyses the efforts made by the countries of the Visegrad Group against the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, including the respected countries’ vaccination plan, contracts negotiated with other states and private companies, in order to allocate the necessary amount of vaccines for the population, research plans and also the availability of their own facilities capable of producing larger amount of vaccines if needed.

Going beyond the V4 Group, we will also explore the topic of vaccine diplomacy, the situation of countries belonging to EU neighbourhood, as well as challenges faced by the developing countries. Finally, we will be analysing the future of the post-covid world – whether we have learned from the pandemic, what will be the measures taken to predict and prevent the next global pandemic, including the overall global preparedness in supply chains and stocks of medical equipment, and the potential role of AI, Big Data and Machine Learning.

Anton Bendarzsevszkij:
-Predict. Prevent. Stop. Lessons learned from Covid-19 pandemic

Dávid Nagy:
-Covid-19 vaccination in Hungary

Enikő Bagoly:
-COVID-19 pandemic in Poland. Actions and challenges.
-Geopolitics of the pandemic. Run for the vaccine: The Western Balkans and Ukraine

Péter Szitás:
-Geopolitical games in the field of life
-The fight against Covid-19 in Slovakia

Tamás Orbán:
-Covid-19 vaccination in the Czech Republic
-Covid-19 vaccination in developing nations


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