Mikhail Mishustin: Russia’s Technocratic Prime Minister

Haiszky Edina Julianna kutatónk elemzése

The first conceptual unit of this analysis focuses on Mikhail Mishustin's background and rise to power, detailing his early career in Russia's bureaucratic system and his significant role as the head of the Federal Tax Service (FTS) starting in 2010. This section highlights his implementation of advanced technological solutions and process streamlining, which enhanced efficiency and transparency in tax administration. The subsequent part delves into his unexpected appointment as Russia's prime minister by President Vladimir Putin in January 2020, emphasizing the strategic nature of this choice and Mishustin's pragmatic leadership style, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following this, the paper examines his notable achievements in tax administration, including the development of major data centers, online services, and simplified tax regulations that significantly increased revenue and transparency. Lastly, Mishustin's role as prime minister is analyzed, focusing on his management of economic challenges, geopolitical tensions, and internal political dynamics, underscoring his technocratic expertise, and positioning him as a key figure in Russia's political landscape. Overall, the analysis underscores the importance of Mishustin's administrative competence and strategic foresight in navigating Russia's complex governance and geopolitical environment.

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