The first year of the presidency of Joe Biden

In this episode we are discussing the first year of Joe Biden, both in regards to US domestic policy and foreign affairs. We were discussing the achievements and failures of the new American administration. For this episode our invited experts were Tamás Magyarics, Professor at the School of English and American Studies, ELTE, Budapest, the Chair of its American Studies Department, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for American Studies at the National University of Public Service, as well as a Guest Professor at IES, Vienna. He served as Ambassador to Ireland in 2011-2015, and was the Head of the North American Department at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 2015-2016. Our second guest was István Kiss, political scientist and an international relations expert, managing director of Danube Institute. The episode was moderated by Tamás Orbán, research fellow at Danube Institute.